Staging History: 26th April 2019

The programme and tickets are now available for the symposium 'Staging History' at the University of Bristol on 26th April 2019. Booking is essential: tickets available here. Staging History Programme


Clown School

Image credit: Clown Tod Teufel Engel by Max Rüedi Ever since our first session on playwriting, I’ve been thinking about making mistakes. Poppy gave us the challenge of writing a scene of dialogue (using the ‘actioning’ technique - see Poppy’s blog To Pin Things Down). Our prompt was the following ‘Known Case of Witchcraft’: Saint-Didier … Continue reading Clown School

Magpieing: sparking the creative process

One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy… Last year I worked in a primary school, and noticed children using a literacy technique called Magpie-ing. As European folklore tells us, the magpie is a thief of shiny things. The pupils were being taught to ’steal’ words, phrases or ideas … Continue reading Magpieing: sparking the creative process

History is What We Take Away

This week Anna selected some poems that engage in different ways with history, using found materials, imagined ventriloquisms, and techniques of selection and presentation. One of these techniques is erasure: removing words from a found text. Tracy K Smith’s poem ‘Declaration’, for instance, is based on the United States Declaration of Independence. You can read … Continue reading History is What We Take Away