Staging History: Call for Contributions

A one-day workshop at the University of Bristol

26th April 2019


This one-day workshop addresses collaborations between academic history, heritage, and theatre.

Such collaborations have been of obvious interest to heritage organizations, as a way of communicating the past to diverse publics. Theatre performances have also become a well-established route to ‘impact’ for academic researchers, while some forms of playwrighting, such as the ‘theatre of the real’, and ‘documentary’ or ‘verbatim theatre’ have moved ever closer to the methods and sources of historical research. Collaborations can become research processes in their own rights, as creative practitioners and researchers learn from one another.

This one-day workshop brings together playwrights, historians, and theatre professionals. Themes for discussion include:

Theatre as practice-based historical research

The ethics of staging histories

Historical performance as entertainment

Definitions of ‘truthfulness’ and accuracy in theatrical performances

The functions and purposes of performing histories

Interactive histories

Musical theatre, dance, film, and spoken word

Papers of up to 20 minutes are invited on topics connected to the staging of historical research as theatre.


This event is part of the AHRC-funded project ‘Creative Histories of Witchcraft: France 1790-1940’, which brings together dramatists, poets, and historians to explore the potential of creative collaborations for academic and public histories. Presentations do not have to address the topic of modern witchcraft.

Please send 200 word paper proposals and a biographical note of up to 50 words to by 30th January 2019.

Staging History CfP 30.10.2018


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