Guest Poets

Sappho, detail from fresco, Naples National Archeological Museum How do poets respond to historical newspaper reports of witchcraft? In April 2019, I invited 7 poets I’d met on Poetry School Online courses to respond to historical newspaper accounts of witchcraft. The poets were an international group - based in England, Scotland, the Netherlands, Canada and … Continue reading Guest Poets

Such Small Pieces

Last week, I was in the 1860s. Today, I am mostly in HR meetings. How can we think in different times, and in different places, the historian asks? In such small pieces. In moments walking up the hill to work, between seeing students and committee meetings, in the minutes affords by online systems, by emails, … Continue reading Such Small Pieces

(Re)producing Historical Realities

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Ellie Chadwick to the Creative Histories of Witchcraft team as a producer for upcoming events. Ellie writes: In her book The Archive and The Repertoire: Performing Cultural Memory in the Americas, Diana Taylor points out that performance is ‘not simply an object of analysis’ but also functions as ‘a way … Continue reading (Re)producing Historical Realities

Embodied understandings

Bodily Empathy  In past blogs, I’ve written about writing and empathy, and the creative task of empathising with people we may consider ‘bad’ and behaviours that seem abhorrent. This week, I’m going to explore how empathy might be engaged through physicality and embodiment.  In order to research how performance might be able to transmit knowledge … Continue reading Embodied understandings