Fact… Possibility… Imagination

Roy Clark says there are two rules of non-fiction. ‘Do not add. Do not deceive.’ ‘Never put something into your story that hasn’t checked out.’[1]   I struggle with this in crimes of extravagant fear Like the attack on Jacques M, by his neighbour Joseph A, who thought him a witch I think. Let’s begin … Continue reading Fact… Possibility… Imagination

The History of the Tarot (Bibliography)

I've been interested in the history of the Tarot since I first read Jeanne Favret-Saada's classic work on witchcraft in Normandy. In the process of becoming an 'unwitcher' Favret-Saada learned how to use the Tarot to diagnose witchcraft.   How might people in nineteenth-century France have used the Tarot (and indeed other playing cards) for … Continue reading The History of the Tarot (Bibliography)